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19 May 2008 @ 08:42 pm


Much thanks to everyone who joined and show us support! :D Much appreciation to my fellow icon-makers Hannah and Linh too, for their fabulous works make Loveiro even better ^^

To celebrate the occasion, I changed the layout~! I guess we will do something special to commemorate as well, although we haven't thought of WHAT it is gonna be ^^; . Till we come up with something, keep anticipating okay~! *lol* (Hannah and Linh, let's discuss! :p )

19 February 2008 @ 10:13 pm
Let me announce...

A big welcome to our 2 new iconists,
Linh (linhkawaii) and Hannah (murasaki_five)! ♥

I adore their graphic skills so I am glad that they are willing to be part of this icon lj! I am sure they will contribute many lovely icons and make loveiro even better :D

Dear members, please continue to show us all the support you can! ★

A note for Linh & Hannah: do tag your posts if possible. Feel free to edit the layout or profile if you want too, I am fine with it. I am thinking of putting samples of icons we make in the profile, so I will wait for your icon batches to do it (or if you prefer, you can edit the profile page yourselves too) ^_^
31 May 2007 @ 07:30 pm

All icon posts here will be made public for a week and then turned into members-only entries. So please join and friend the community if you are interested in being updated about icons I make... joining won't take you very long ^^ . However, if I discover that there are dummy accounts in the members list, I will take action to delete them away. Hope you understand :)


[x] CREDIT starinity/ linhkawaii/ murasaki_five or loveiro in the keywords for any icons that you are using!!! This is a MUST.
[x] COMMENT if you take anything from this icon journal.
[x] NO direct linking! Please host the graphics yourself.
[x] DO NOT claim any of my icons as your own.
[x] DO NOT edit any of my icons.
* Textless icons are NOT bases. *

To view our full range of icons, please join and friend loveiro.


If you would like to affiliate with loveiro, please comment in this post. If you asked for affiliation, I expect you to affiliate loveiro back in your icon journal as well because it just seems polite to do so? ;)